Hello everyone

I just wanted to say a few words from me...

Firstly, I hope you are all ok and look after yourselves.

I have had a large number of performances cancelled in the past few days which from an income point of view has been a little alarming. I know I'm not alone and I know it will pass but it is a very difficult time for many.

THANK YOU to everyone who has already taken time in this hectic few days of news to contact me. It means a lot that you all still want to go ahead with plans the other side of this and simply want to "postpone". A huge relief from me too...

I really appreciate all the support you have offered in your messages and calls, especially when it's YOUR special events that have had to be changed. Many of you with private parties must be feeling very sad at the recent news and decisions to take. The venues I'm meant to be performing at, I hope you get through this and I can return very soon.

The couples who have contacted me regarding Weddings I know you are still very keen to try to keep those plans and as long as my family and I are not in isolation or at risk I will absolutely be there! I know you have said you will keep me updated.



So I will look forward to posting a few Facebook LIVE nights as we get more into social distancing.

Hopefully send a little cheer your way.

Go have a look you can find 2 on there now!


Still a few events that possibly haven't been cancelled so I hope to keep you updated on those very soon.

Sending all my love and prayers to you all and



Sandy xxx